Our Mission

To use innovative approaches to reduce road traffic crashes by creating a committed road safety community and promoting sustainable transportation

Our Story

As a road safety organization in Ghana, we discovered that punishing road offenders was not the only option to change driver behavior. It has been proven through several research and case studies that continuous driver training and rewards have the potential to change driver behaviour and contribute significantly to reducing road traffic crashes. The Ghana Driver and Road Safety Awards (GDRSA) was intended to positively reinforce safe driving habits via training and rewards. In the last 4 years, we have trained over 50,000 drivers, given free medical assistance to over 5,000 drivers and initiated several road safety campaigns. Thorough research and engagement with the community in the last 5 years, we saw the need for an innovative approach to sustainable road safety. We created DRIFAN, a road safety community-driven application, that allows road users to post hazards for prompt alerts for timely interventions. Additional features of the app include;
• Driver training and road safety education
• Phone usage caution
• Emergency Services
• Rewards through points accumulation

In addition, we added a platform where new and exsiting drivers can access self pace driver and road safety trainings to make them safer and keep them upto date on new trends and regulations in a drivers world.

Affiliated Agencies

Ghana Driver and Road Safety Foundation is endorsed by the Ministry of Transport, the National Road Safety Authority, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority and the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) of Ghana Police Service